@ Underbelly Med Quad, Edinburgh until Sun 30 Aug 2015 @ 17:25

(Reviewed during previews)

Luring the audience in with his hair and keeping them in their seats with laughs, Patrick Morris slays the audience with stories of his Fairly Premature Bucket List at Underbelly Med Quad as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The preview show audience has mixed reactions with most laughing hard enough they wished they went to the loo first and a few not reacting at all. It can only be assumed they thought they were there for a documentary screening as Morris is on his game barely stopping to breath throughout his show.

Morris has excellent timing and delivery with great eye contact working the room like a seasoned pro. Lovers of flip charts will be pleased as he guides the audience through his bucket list, living life more dangerously. Hysterical anecdotes range greatly, from a dominatrix with one of the least sexy safe words ever invented to the merit of gay ghost sex positions.

Pacing is the only thing that could be better as the audience cried with laughter at the start, then some of the bucket list stories dragging in the middle creating a slight unbalance. Keeping up the short and snappy delivery throughout the list will help keep the energy up as Edinburgh audiences can be hard to keep excited. This is a minor point that doesn’t detract from the otherwise excellent show.

Creative, energetic and sassy like his hair, Morris is a promising young comedian who will be selling out the big venues in no time. See him while you can still afford to. Safe word optional.