Cabaret shows feel at home in a dimly lit theatre with a bar, small stage and joyous amounts of audience interaction. Obviously this can’t happen right now, so cabaret  (like theatre at large) has taken to the online world to try and stay alive. The second edition of Slay at Home doesn’t use the home setting to aim for a more intimate performance. Instead, it is the rollicking showcase of variety and talent that you would expect from any cabaret show, and is no less energetic in spite of the online setting.

Showgirl Debay DeLux is the master of ceremonies and also has her own performance. Her love for all the performers is so evident and gives Slay at Home real heart, as does her emotive plea to support the arts and those underrepresented within them (proceeds from the show go to the Black Scottish Business Fund). She then turns things up a level later in the show with her own burlesque set. She personifies glamour, and the meeting chat quickly lights up with positive messages and supportive hollering. DeLux’s style is welcoming, warm and pitch perfect for the show.

The first act is Louise Labrèche whose danger show, if anything, feels even more dangerous at home. Aided by a banging soundtrack, her flaming hot performance offers everything you would expect were you to be watching this on a real stage. She is followed by Ruby Derriere who offers a Breaking Bad-inspired burlesque show. Her inventive and energetic performance guarantees that you will never look at Walter White the same way again

Laurie Black is the next act, who first of all treats the audience to a new song on a new piece of equipment – a real treat especially for her long term fans. She then covers Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Every Day is Exactly the Same’. Her rendition of the song is mesmerising, filled with equal levels of mood and charm as a glint in her eye juxtaposes the downbeat lyrics. She then introduces DeLux, after whom comes Pat Elle and her hypnotic blend of Bollywood and burlesque. Elle quickly wins over the audience with a physical, sensational set.

Ebony Silk then takes to the stage with a stunning show that makes fantastic use of a mid-set change in tone. Her extravagant, extroverted strip show goes down a treat with the audience. Perhaps the most unique performer is saved until last. Dharma Geddon, as her persona Mr/s Freeze, makes full use of visual backgrounds and visual effects to give a performance packed with cult references and an incredible makeup palette.

Only the occasional lapse in sound or video quality reminds you that you are not actually sitting in a cabaret show in a bar or theatre. Slay at Home has the energy, passion and performers needed to bring a high-class variety show to your living room. It’s about as impressive as online cabaret can get.


Slay At Home host monthly cabaret shows via Zoom. You can follow their Facebook here for information on upcoming shows

Donations to the Black Scottish Business Fund can be made here