Very rarely are you so close to circus performers that you can hear them breathing. It is just one of the finer details that do not go amiss in Tarot. The Feathers of Daedalus Circus use the close space to their full advantage, delivering a stunning display of acrobatics and divination to the sound of jazz-infused rock. It is a feast for every sense in your body, the air filled with celestial electricity as you bear witness to the troupe’s amazing abilities.

The performers memorise 22 different routines – one for each card in a Tarot deck – as well as other sets that they do every night. The energy levels never quite recover from an explosive start, but the rest of the show aims for grace, beauty and power rather than pure adrenaline. The troupe wind their bodies around one another in ways that you don’t realise are possible until you see them. In each performance the dancers get fleeting moments to look into each other’s eyes, the chemistry between them sparking life into the show. All the while their stunning dances are draped in a veil of ruby red light. It’s as if you have been sucked into a spiritual void, and it is utterly wonderful.

Audience members are lucky enough to receive Tarot readings, and the dancers perform different sets depending which cards are chosen. This puts a bit too much power in their hands to determine the show’s tone, but host Tessa Blackman keeps Tarot on the spiritual straight and narrow. Blackman is mesmerising, commanding the audience with divine inspiration and a sensual air of all things voodoo. An experienced Tarot reader, the crowd are quietly spellbound by her words. Never however does she make the mistake of taking too much time away from the acrobats, the displays of strength and prowess always taking centre stage when they need to.

Supported by a magnificent backing band, Tarot is a glorious hour of the supernatural and the sensational. You will marvel at how close you get to the performers as they defy gravity, the most challenging routines looking like second nature to them. Prepare to be transported to a magical little Tarot tent to confront your future head on, while you bask in some of the finest physical performances at the Fringe this year.