in length and looks and feels very different from the other two films. With Jeny303 we see overlapping footage of architecture where the processing of 16mm film has allowed the filmmaker to experiment with interesting and engaging visuals.

Sol Negro (Columbia/ France, 2016) is a fiction which draws on a documentary style to tell the story of a singer recovering after a suicide attempt. It is a deep and personal story that blurs the line between reality and staged drama. The way in which the film is shot and how the protagonist is portrayed implies that the film is a documentary investigation. However, staged scenes where the protagonist sings in public suggest that there is more going on within the narrative.

During the Q and A after the screening, we learn more about Laura’s creative process. When discussing Sol Negro the filmmaker states that she was “Trying to find a link between melancholy and artistic expression.” This link was the driving force of the film. Laura also stresses the time it took to make this film and how finding the balance between fact and fiction was key in the outcome of Sol Negro. Laura also states that with her recent work “I was looking at the history of anthropology in Europe and how this is connected to colonisation,” and this investigation into people is exposed in the three shorts presented this evening.