Twelfth Day are a musical duo who have been in operation for nearly a decade. Their main idea is not limiting themselves to what is ‘supposed’ to be possible, be that in the way they use their voices, the way they use their instruments, or the way they approach song writing. The end result is albums which contained genre-bending music, that can’t quite be categorised, and a way of looking at musicianship which has experimentation built in. This is the definitely something to keep in mind if you are thinking of trying out their latest album. It’s not as straightforward as it appears. Tracks can be unconventional in terms of key and rhythm.

In terms of individual tracks, Deep Dark Beast stands out for the way in which Twelfth Night sing in synch, creating a new sound. In the Bar is also notable for the way in which Price and Swift echo one another’s lyrics, creating a delay effect. It achieves for the vocals what an effects pedal would for an electric guitar or cello.

The album provides a good mix between what fans of Twelfth Day have come to expect from their music, and some more experimental tracks. The duo have said that they want to test the limits of their voices and instruments, and they do so here, while still keeping the original sound which makes them stand out from a crowd. This is an album which shows everything that Price and Swift are capable of, but it might be an acquired taste.