Note: This review is from the 2017 Fringe

Kate O’Donnell is an award winning transgender performance artist and part of Manchester based theatre company Trans Creative. You’ve Changed is Kate’s brand new solo show about going through the transitional process and the personal and public trials and turmoil that this brings. You’ve Changed is part autobiographical storytelling and part musical cabaret.

In 2003 BeyoncĂ© was in the charts with Crazy in Love, Dolly the sheep passed away and Kate O’Donnell began transitioning. You’ve Changed has a classy 1930’s aesthetic. Art Deco stylised text appears as a backdrop, rag time jazz music plays over the P.A and Kate wears a stylish tuxedo. It’s like something out of an F.Scott Fitzgerald novel, but there is a reason for this particular style. Even though it is only 14 years ago, Kate highlights that transitioning during this period of time had more akin to the 1930’s than it does today. Through personal anecdotes and song, Kate sets the scene and presents her story. We learn of the difficulties of dealing with doctors and psychologists and how much money she had to spend on surgery. It is an interesting and compelling tale and delivered in Kate’s positive and engaging style. She is brilliant performer and knows how to tell personal and intimate story without letting the flamboyant costume changes and music distract from the heart of the performance.

You’ve Changed is part of the Northern Stage programme at Summerhall. Northern Stage showcases a selection of the best theatre from the north of England with a diverse array of performances being presented. You’ve Changed sits neatly within this programme and highlights the talents of Kate O’Donnell and the important and diverse work that Trans Creative produce.