The Internet has finally reached puberty. Since planting itself in practically all Western homes  over the last fifteen years, it’s got to the stage where a whole generation has a new attitude towards their fellow people. It’s even got a film about one of its babies: The Social Network, “What’s next? Google the musical?” sneers Bill Maher. The problem is, the principles the Internet embraces, i.e. the Machiavellian machinations of modern capitalism, feed into that incredibly unhealthy Tory notion of individualism, where other humans are seen as objects to be feared:

This isn’t the only problem the World Wide Web has dumped on us though. The increased use of social media sites serve to make us addicted to pictures of our ex’s drunken rampages and less aware of what’s happening on a larger scale. Luckily, the outside world doesn’t matter much to the victims of Thatcher but if we don’t get a grip then we’re probably going to be Con-Demned forever. Cue This Just In, a brand new site from Channel 4 and Zeppotron (Charile Brooker’s production agency).  Labelled as an ‘online comedy service’, This Just In is home to videos, features and most importantly up to date news in that soundbite form of 140 characters.

This Just In promises wit and politics from some of the best and emerging British comedy talent, including Spak Whitman’s wry raps:

Then there’s the daily news bullet in the from dashing CGI news presenter Justin…

It’s true that a vast majority of social networking sites are there purely for people to show off how tanned they are or how hot their new boyfriend is, but when you put politics in the mix the courts crumble at the amount of contacts you can reach with the click of a button. Sadly, as Thatcher’s babies we’re all a little scared of confronting politics head on, it’s not cool or interesting, it doesn’t lead to anything…so finally with the big guns at Channel 4 and Brooker recently shunned by the right-wing Murdochites at the BBC, This Just In might have its timing spot-on, by grabbing onto the current hatred that flows from each of us at the sight of the smug Eton men-folk that run our country we might just get somewhere. Social media is the way forward for social change.
Head over to This Just In now.