Abi Love

Abi is currently an English with Creative Writing student in Aberdeen. With a background in drama performance, Abi enjoys all aspects of theatre but particularly likes plays which are a bit darker. Having taken part in the Fringe before in various roles, she's excited to be back writing reviews.
13 articles

Art Heist

Complex comedy built round the chaos of a heist gone wrong

31 August 2019


Turtle Company whisk us away on an adventure with a young girl and her pet hamster

30 August 2019


Great use of puppetry that emphasises the issues within an Amazon warehouse

27 August 2019

Monsoon Season

A dark romantic comedy fueled by two fantastic performances

24 August 2019


A good attempt to address teenage problems through a generation of gaming

23 August 2019

Inflatable Space

A slow, but visually superb primer on the Voyager probe

22 August 2019


A wonderfully satirical piece that emphasises a flawed society

22 August 2019

She Sells Sea Shells

A theatrical biography that successfully celebrates forgotten women in science

19 August 2019


A beautiful piece of children’s theatre that embraces inclusivity to deaf audiences

18 August 2019