Beth Oliver

Beth is a News Researcher and freelance writer. She joins the Wee Review as part of the Fringe Emerging Critics 2023 Programme. An avid fan of an eclectic range of theatre, she is determined to walk to as many venues as possible - blisters be damned!
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A haunting exploration of memory, and the power it holds over our senses

28 August 2023

God Catcher

Thrilling musical reinterpretation of Greek mythology captures the value of standing up for the truth

27 August 2023


Passionately beautiful opera inhabits the most improbable of settings

25 August 2023

Gone To The Dogs

Avant-garde retelling of British history raises big issues but overpowers the detail

25 August 2023


A change of scene may not be all you hoped for, bubbly narrative warns

23 August 2023