Gary Sullivan

Edinburgh lad based in Leith. Live music junkie. Penchant for writing, painting ceramics, playing drums and watching football. Will work for food.
38 articles

Ram of God

Invitation to an absurdist sheep-themed religious cult brings mixed results

8 August 2022

Death of a Disco Dancer

A uni reunion unravels in a sometimes muddled piece of immersive physical theatre

8 August 2022


Retro instruments deconstructed and repurposed for a pleasingly kitsch show

8 August 2022

Opal Fruits

Cross-generational struggle on a London council estate told through puckish humour and UK Garage

8 August 2022



Scandinavian shamen's career-spanning compilation is an intoxicating concoction

31 August 2021

Wireless Operator

A gripping and unflinching exploration of the mental and emotional cost of war

10 August 2019