Kirsten Waller

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Crime and Punishment

Explorations of human psychology rarely whip along at such a thrilling pace, in this new adaptation of the Russian classic.

8 November 2013

Cedar Lake Ballet

Skill and soulfulness combine in a dazzling display of how life affirming dance can be.

14 October 2013

The Idiot at the Wall

A haunting slice of early 20th Century Hebridean life, with a bitter sting in the tale.

7 October 2013

Museum Hours

A poignant and calming Viennese tour, taking in life, art and loneliness.

27 September 2013

Dido and Aeneas & Bluebeard's Castle

A delicious cocktail of delicate arias and exquisite staging, from these two stunning explorations of the deadly power of love.

1 September 2013

Keith Farnan: Fear Itself

An inventive exploration of fear in all its forms, delivered with an unusually kind comedic ear.

21 August 2013