Mary-Ann Connolly

Mary-Ann has had a very long and varied career in show business. Her professional journey has taken her from west end dancer and TV actress to air stewardess, business woman, secondary school teacher, cultural project officer, founding a site specific theatre company to award winning producer. Amazingly she still enjoys sitting in the stalls and enjoying a good show.
32 articles

A Christmas Carol

Isobel McArthur's adaptation is a perfect Christmas treat

1 December 2019


An hour of joyful clowning for school kids

3 November 2019

Faith Healer

A rare opportunity to enjoy a modern classic

23 October 2019

North and South

Pitlochry Festival Theatre brings theatre into the community by delivering an ambitious adaptation of Gaskell's novel that just falls short

4 September 2019

Club Tropicana

An engaging and fast-moving musical that guarantees a good night out

9 August 2019


A poetic and absorbing drama of old allegiances and new beginnings.

29 July 2019

The Crucible

Pitlochry's festival ensemble deliver strong performances and highlight why The Crucible is still relevant.

30 June 2019