Neil McEwan
279 articles

Death of a Gentleman

[rating:4/5] A surprisingly absorbing tale of the slow death of test cricket.

26 October 2015

Artificial Things

[Rating:5/5] Fluid, frenzied and thought provoking physical theatre.

26 August 2015

Comedy Death

[Rating:4/5] A chance to wallow in other people’s hilarious misery

23 August 2015

The Tobolowsky Files

[Rating:4/5] Beautifully woven storytelling from one of Hollywood’s best character actors

23 August 2015

Dicing With Dr Death

[Rating: 5/5] A darkly funny and illuminating lecture on suicide and euthanasia.

21 August 2015

Ockham's Razor

[Rating:4/5] Artistry, acrobatics and elegance in this big top show.

19 August 2015