Nico Marrone

Assistant Theatre Editor
Nico somehow came into possession of an MScR in Postcolonial Literature from the University of Edinburgh, where he also served as the Film Editor for The Student. Now he writes Theatre reviews in order to keep himself busy.
120 articles

Jekyll & Hyde

McNair's adaptation of Stevenson novella fails to unleash the potential within

17 January 2024


A marvellous exploration of the climate crisis through mime and puppetry

16 August 2023

Trojan Women

A phenomenal blending of Korean music, theatre, and dance with Greek classics.

11 August 2023

Return to Seoul

A heart wrenching tale of loneliness and desire for belonging

17 May 2023

Peter Pan & Wendy

A tonally inconsistent mess that even David Lowery can't save

15 May 2023

Enys Men

Mark Jenkin crafts an unsettling retrograde, albeit inaccessible, horror.

9 February 2023

Witch Hunt

Messy sketch comedy detracts from otherwise promising performance

21 November 2022