Nico Marrone

Assistant Theatre Editor
Nico somehow came into possession of an MScR in Postcolonial Literature from the University of Edinburgh, where he also served as the Film Editor for The Student. Now he writes Theatre reviews in order to keep himself busy.
112 articles

Enys Men

Mark Jenkin crafts an unsettling retrograde, albeit inaccessible, horror.

9 February 2023

Witch Hunt

Messy sketch comedy detracts from otherwise promising performance

21 November 2022

Mythos: Ragnarok

A phenomenal blend of theatrical storytelling and professional wrestling

23 August 2022

Detention Dialogues

An insightful and thought-provoking examination of the treatment of asylum seekers

23 August 2022


A charming exploration of childhood imagination

20 August 2022


Entertaining and socially charged reimagining from ChewBoy Productions

18 August 2022

The Unicorn

An powerful and unflinching exploration of sexuality and addiction

17 August 2022


A smart, funny, and bizarrely touching piece of theatre that is complete triumph

16 August 2022