Richard Stamp

Richard Stamp is a freelance writer, theatre reviewer, and co-founder of reviewing website Fringe Guru. When he moved to Edinburgh in the summer of 1996, Richard discovered a latent passion for small-scale theatre - with a particular interest in site-specific and interactive work. Over the years, he's seen more than a thousand Fringe productions in Edinburgh, Brighton and elsewhere. He's the kind of person who keeps all his ticket stubs.
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Quick-fire fusillade of comedy insults proves a guilty, cathartic pleasure

21 August 2023


Thought-provoking character study amidst the seedier side of Paris

19 August 2023


Theatre in the metaverse meets some disappointing realities

16 August 2023

Vanya Is Alive

Unsettling play demands a lot from its audience, but delivers a point well made

11 August 2023

Mr Fox

Masterful storyteller reworks the darkest of folklore with warmth, wit and charm

11 August 2023

When It Rains

Dystopian tale of fear and cruelty showcases the talents of an impressive young cast

9 August 2023