Robert Dow

Classical Editor
Robert Dow is a composer, sound artist, hypnotherapist and writer based in Edinburgh. His expertise and interests are very varied and include contemporary music, sound art, film, dance, theatre, photography, plant science and microbiology (especially parasitology). He is currently learning how to row.
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A rich, emotive and often unsettling experience.

26 August 2022

Isto é um Negro

An intense, personal essay on what is it like to be black in Brazil

22 August 2022


Complex, emotional and engaging, this will keep you thinking long after you have seen it.

19 August 2022


Although the performers are top class, they seem strangely distant in this work.

18 August 2022

Taiwan Season: TOMATO

A short, fun, experimental and thought-provoking piece of contemporary dance.

12 August 2022

Rambert 2

Talented and passionate dancers.

27 May 2019