Tabatha Glancy

Tabatha hails from small town USA where the only traffic jam was loose cows blocking Main Street once. Working in banking by day and freelance writing at night, she’s still waiting for that journalism degree to pay for itself. Based in Edinburgh, she lives for August Festival review season.
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Marvelously talented and perfectly cast. Being on skag is the only thing that could make this show better.

15 August 2015

Matt McDonagh

Vocally on point and quietly shining on stage with musical maturity beyond his age, McDonagh is a pleasure to watch and listen to.

14 August 2015

Rhys James: Remains

[Rating: 4/5] Buster of rhymes, James returns with jokes just vulgar enough and sometimes rhyming. Seriously gifted with words and knows the right buttons to push.

14 August 2015

Imaginary Porno Charades

The most naughty fun you can have at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival without being arrested.

13 August 2015

A Jam-Maker's Guide to Self-Preservation

Get your prescription for laughter filled with the singing and comedy skills that could only come from future doctors wearing scrubs and unidentifiable fluids.

11 August 2015

Interview: Matt McDonagh

Vegan and rock'n'roll seem an unlikely combination, but somehow the 21-year-old pianist/singer from East Kilbride manages to pull it off.

7 August 2015

Poets Against Humanity

Like a crazy russian roulette version of fill in the blanks. Comedy isn't always rainbows and unicorns unless it's a joke about unicorns at a sausage festival.

4 August 2015

Interview: Patrick Morris

Trying to live his life more rock'n'roll than ambient jazz, Patrick is coming to the Festival Fringe to share his Fairly Premature Bucket List.

31 July 2015