Tamsin Grainger

Tamsin has a background in dance journalism. She was Dancer in Residence for both the Forest of Dean, England, and Edinburgh, Scotland where she started Dance Base. Currently she works as a Shiatsu practitioner / teacher; an editor of the Shiatsu Society Journal; walks a lot and writes travel blogs.
59 articles

Gina Miller


Legal activist and strident protector of human rights writes about her background and beliefs

16 October 2018

Kathryn Mannix

Reclaiming the 'd' word at Death on the Fringe and the Book Festival

27 August 2018

Susie Orbach

The Goddess of "the listening cure" at the Book festival

25 August 2018

Atomic 3001

Leslie Mannés becomes a veritable scarlet Amazon

24 August 2018


A relaxing, entertaining, and thought-provoking Book Festival event

23 August 2018

Autóctonos II

Bleak, uninteresting, monotonous it is meant to be - it succeeds

21 August 2018