Audiences are whisked away into childhood imagination in this wonderful performance by the Turtle Company. Joyce tells the story of a little girl who wants nothing more than her father to visit her talent show tonight. However, her Dad is a busy man and with all his meetings and business phone calls, he doesn’t have the time to be playing around with Joyce and her pet hamster. Soon enough, both Dad and our lovable hamster are transported to a world of adventure, meeting an array of wonderful characters along the way and teaching him that there is more to life than work.

It’s a pleasant surprise how fantastic the production of this play is. The set is versatile and colourful. The lighting is well utilised and alongside the live magic and puppetry, this show has it all. From astronauts to giants and clowns, it is a performance that taps into your inner child and embraces the magic. Joyce is able to take both children and adults into a world of adventure and manage to leave little surprises around each corner.

It has a likeness to The Wizard of Oz, where the protagonist tries their hardest to go home, all while meeting valuable friends along the way. The characters within the show are funny and lovable, and having their pet hamster Bo-bo shower their Dad in optimism makes the show even more enjoyable. The actors work perfectly with children in the audience, improvising and incorporating funny lines that are called out – even if it is a show without audience participation. It is an energetic and welcoming space, and children sit perplexed at such eccentric characters.

Joyce is everything a children’s show should be and with elements of fantasy, magic and comedy, it is a performance that is suitable for all ages. It surpasses expectations within the Fringe. This is a show to remind parents that time with children is precious and that there is nothing wrong with embracing your imagination.