Adam Thornton

Adam is a budding film reviewer who is still working out how to use his Masters in Film Studies from Aberystwyth University. His main hobby is watching films, especially Hong Kong action cinema, although he has no (actual) knowledge of martial arts whatsoever! His other interests include stand-up comedy, but only as an audience member, and reading books about film. His quest to obtain a social life is still ongoing...
215 articles

The Pale Blue Eye

Even Christian Bale can't save this underwhelming murder-mystery from its narrative shortcomings

18 January 2023


Powerful story about how the dangers of radicalisation affect two brothers

16 January 2023


Lockdown two-hander that starts promisingly, but then devolves into one-sided cliches

12 September 2022

Bathroom of a Bar on Bleecker

A final podcast provides the framework for a raw outpouring of comedy and drama in this enthralling one-man show

2 September 2022

Almost 13

A powerful and engaging one-woman show about how traumatic experiences can shape a person

25 August 2022


Strong performances and an intriguing concept overcome sometimes clunky dialogue in this compelling sci-fi drama

25 August 2022

Bilal Zafar: Care

Relaxed performer whose stories about working in a care home entertain and engage

16 August 2022