Adam Thornton

Adam is a budding film reviewer who is still working out how to use his Masters in Film Studies from Aberystwyth University. His main hobby is watching films, especially Hong Kong action cinema, although he has no (actual) knowledge of martial arts whatsoever! His other interests include stand-up comedy, but only as an audience member, and reading books about film. His quest to obtain a social life is still ongoing...
231 articles

Tied for Second

Two talented comedians provide an entertaining stand-up double bill

30 August 2023


Underwhelming crime-comedy that suffers from leaden writing and an inconsistent tone

25 August 2023

Paul Foot: Dissolve

Fringe veteran delivers a mixture of humour and emotional depth

25 August 2023

Before the Drugs Kick In

A strong central performance and characterisation brings this humorously and emotionally-rich work to life

15 August 2023

Luke Wright's Silver Jubilee

Veteran poet provides a funny, thought-provoking and ultimately moving hour that brings the personal to life

11 August 2023