Claire Wood

Claire has a day job in advertising and an unofficial evening-time job haunting the theatres of Scotland. (And further afield, when she can find an excuse.) She's happiest just before curtain up.
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A fast-paced bitingly sharp satire of modern day America

21 August 2017

The Polar Bears Go Up

Inventive, engaging children's theatre that can capture even a cynic's heart.

19 August 2017

LIES (£¥€$)

A mesmerising demonstration of why the world's finances are in such a pickle

17 August 2017

Jess and Joe Forever

A captivatingly sweet love story and a yearning plea for a better world.

14 August 2017

Stand By

Slick and stylish immersive theatre that lacks a bit of heart

14 August 2017

The Revlon Girl

A funny, feisty, heart-wrenching story of how lipstick can look like hope.

14 August 2017