Jane Bristow

Jane Bristow has been frantically writing reviews just before deadlines since 2012. Over the years she's enjoyed covering a variety of theatre productions - often with a historical bent and/or puppets - ranging from a Mad-Max-inspired Macbeth performed on stilts, to Margaret Thatcher re-imagined as a gay superstar. There's been some high-brow stuff too. Elsewhere she has written on-line for the British Council, dabbled with freelance copy-writing and now works in communications for a Scottish charity.
9 articles

Late Night Ceremony

Group showcase by Berlin cabaret performers makes for a strange experience

28 August 2019

America is Hard to See

Profoundly moving and the difficult subject matter dealt with humanely in this piece of verbatim theatre

19 August 2019

Wrath of Achilles

Gripping retelling of the Iliad that emphasises its relevance to today

15 August 2019

The Populars

Dance with strangers and talk about Brexit... if you dare

10 August 2019

Gut Buddies

Surreal clown theatre is light on plot but earns laughs from the crowd

8 August 2019