Max Scratchmann

Max Scratchmann is a well-known British writer and illustrator. His poems and short stories have appeared in many anthologies and magazines, and he runs the Edinburgh performance poetry company, Poetry Circus.
57 articles

Love Bites

Audience left spellbound by Scarlett's voice in this solid workmanlike show

22 August 2019


Rouge redefines what circus is and should be

18 August 2019


Stunning, all-enveloping and unmissable

18 August 2019

Eugene Onegin

One of the most stunning productions ever put on a stage

17 August 2019

Cabaret of Curiosities

Tatwood Puppets present marionettery like no other, with a Bohemian score and Czech-style wooden puppets

17 August 2019

Absolute Burlesque

Early stage burlesque performers are not ready to showcase their work in this way

17 August 2019

Shower Scene

Talented performer offers muddled message

17 August 2019

Painted Corners

Tablespoon Theatre's excellent ensemble teen drama offers beautifully crafted dialogue

13 August 2019