Rachael Hickman

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A wonderful adaptation that preserves Amelie's eccentric imagination while adding its own original touch.

27 June 2019

Arctic Oil

Duffy's environmental piece is aptly timed to question our impact on the planet.

11 October 2018


Play tells an increasingly familiar tale, lacking energy and imagination.

6 August 2018

User Not Found

Terry O'Donovan invites us to reflect on death in the digital age.

5 August 2018

How to Disappear

Tale of a recluse is a perfect alternative to the festive season

10 December 2017

A Bag of Marbles

In Nazi-occupied France, Joseph only has a single marble and his older brother to help him look ahead.

12 November 2017

Pink Mist

Owen Sheers' modern war tale is like a slow motion dream

24 February 2017

Made in India

Three women's lives become interwoven at a surrogacy clinic, but is the transaction equal for all?

17 February 2017

Touch Me

Sabine Molenaar questions the boundaries of intimacy, desire and touch.

4 February 2017

La Causeuse

Olivia Faye Lathuilliere's physical theatre shows the unravelling of a relationship destined to fail.

3 February 2017