Richard Stamp

Richard Stamp is a freelance writer, theatre reviewer, and co-founder of reviewing website Fringe Guru. When he moved to Edinburgh in the summer of 1996, Richard discovered a latent passion for small-scale theatre - with a particular interest in site-specific and interactive work. Over the years, he's seen more than a thousand Fringe productions in Edinburgh, Brighton and elsewhere. He's the kind of person who keeps all his ticket stubs.
51 articles

Hopes and Dreams

Troubling secrets lurk in everyday story of a marriage gone sour

16 September 2022


Biographic narrative reveals the inner contradictions of a self-made billionaire

1 September 2022

I Am Gavrilo Princip

Insightful analysis of the forces that drove one of history's most notorious assassins

1 September 2022


Loving celebration of nerd culture belies a vital lesson for us all

27 August 2022

The Magic Of Jim

Half-hour show packs in impressive illusions, and genuine life lessons too

27 August 2022