Scott Murphy

Host of New Horror Express podcast. He is also a film fanatic (not just horror), metalhead, comedy nerd and wrestling fan and can frequently be found writing or chatting about all of them
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Top 20 Nu-Metal Anthems

Scott Murphy trawls the archives for a run down of the best nu-metal moments

26 November 2020


Power Up

Veteran Aussie rockers produce triumphant comeback against the odds

17 November 2020

Hybrid Theory at 20

Scott Murphy takes a look back at Linkin Park's nu-metal landmark.

6 September 2020

The Paper Tigers

Likeable martial arts comedy let down by cliche and tonal confusion

31 August 2020

The Dark and The Wicked

Bertino's bleak supernatural tale makes up in scares for what it lacks in originality

29 August 2020

Tezuka's Barbara

Macoto Tezuka delivers curate's egg adaptation of his late father's work

25 August 2020


Near-future gig economy satire sparkles with ideas but doesn't quite stick the landing

25 August 2020