Manipulation trumps influencing in this twisty, ambiguous social media psycho-drama

17 May 2023

Return to Seoul

A heart wrenching tale of loneliness and desire for belonging

17 May 2023


Divisive comedy explores trans issues and young love

13 October 2021

Horror Hour

Strong collection of queer short horror films entertains

13 October 2021

Game of Power

A meeting to determine an editor's successor effectively covers a range of issues but stumbles during its third act

13 October 2021

Camila's Awakening

Drama about a teenage stroke survivor suffers due to its misplaced focus

13 October 2021

While at War

Sobering storytelling with a lavish design and contemporary warning

13 October 2021

I Never Cry

Polish teen travels to Ireland to collect the body of the father she barely knew

11 October 2021

Plan A

Depiction of lesser-known post-war plan of vengeance struggles to forge a connection with audiences

11 October 2021

Dust in the Wind

A naturalistic coming of age story that also serves as a historical portrait of 1980s Taiwan

4 October 2021


Watching this film is a more horrible experience than the nightmarish fates the characters experience

28 September 2021