The Garfield Movie

Woeful caper disregards the spirit of the comic strips in every single way

22 May 2024

Holy Spider

True-life serial killer drama is disturbing on many levels

21 January 2023

Adura Onashile

We speak to the writer and director of Girl about the Glasgow-set drama screening at Sundance and opening Glasgow Film Festival

19 January 2023

The Pale Blue Eye

Even Christian Bale can't save this underwhelming murder-mystery from its narrative shortcomings

18 January 2023


Powerful story about how the dangers of radicalisation affect two brothers

16 January 2023

The Harbinger

An emotional drama writhing with lethal dread

16 January 2023

Dreaming Walls

Elegiac ode to the counter-cultural hotspot the Hotel Chelsea, and the residents who are left long after its heyday

16 January 2023

Sorry About the Demon

Comedy-horror is as breezy as its title suggests, but brings enough scares to keep most inner demons sated

14 January 2023


Civil rights drama is unwieldy and erratically paced, but never safe

10 January 2023

The Offering

Standard demonic chiller with an engaging background of Jewish mysticism

9 January 2023