Real Estate - Daniel

Latest from Real Estate is as much about the joy of creating music together again as it is to any deeper meaning within its jangletastic sound

Scott Caldwell/27 February 2024


Even a genius has to put in some effort if they want to get an A

22 February 2024

Lost In Audio

Jenni Gould went off to chat to lead singer/guitarist Joe and drummer/backing singer Ewan about the Edinburgh music scene, Iceland and their thoughts on getting ahead in the music industry...

12 May 2009

Music "DJ" mix

Abelton Live reviewed and pursued by music man Ben.

5 May 2009

Fleet Foxes

Anthony introduces us to those fleeting foxes and points us to the best tracks on the album.

3 April 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Latest album from the glorious Karen O: It's Blitz.

1 April 2009

Concrete and Glass festival

Screw the mud and rainy festival fields; see the bands, keep the outfit and walk home to sleep it of. That's right, inner city festivals are taking off!

12 August 2008