Life is a Dream

Captivating epic tale bolstered by impressive performances

26 August 2023


Moving exposé of the lifelong harm wrought by religious homophobia

25 August 2023

West Side Story comes to Edinburgh

Before you go and sing along about America, Jenni Gould gives us some more serious things to think politics and stuff...

25 April 2009


The last in the season at the Lyceum promises to go out with a bang...or does it?

21 April 2009

Be Near Me

Andrew O'Hagan's tale of a confused priest comes to the Traverse with a new adaptation from Ian McDiarmid (who also takes it upon himself to star in the thing)...

16 April 2009


The Traverse and Vanishing Point bring us a spectacular visual treat that Ross Kinghorn has the pleasure of enjoying.

10 April 2009

Breakin' Convention

In case you haven't heard the youth of Scotland break dancing their way to the Festival Theatre, Jenni Gould lays down the beats and ponders the power of hip hop...

6 April 2009

Copenhagen and Tony Cownie

Ross Kinghorn interviews director Tony Cownie about the final show of the season at the Lyceum.

5 April 2009

Confused About Theatre?

Is the stages' time running out? I wandered off to interview some of the top names in Scottish theatre to get their opinions about the State of the Stage. Check out the incisive words of Dr. Steve Cramer (critic), David Greig (leading playwright) and Christopher Lynch (award winning actor) in the following exclusive interviews.

25 March 2009

Curse of the Starving Class

Review of the Lyceum's production of Sam Shepard's classic admonishment of the American Dream.

24 March 2009

Lloyd George Knew My Father

The timely revival of William Douglas Home's 1972 hit play reveals the sordid relationship between the Greenies and the Blueies than you'd expect...

18 February 2009