Life is a Dream

Captivating epic tale bolstered by impressive performances

26 August 2023


Moving exposé of the lifelong harm wrought by religious homophobia

25 August 2023

The Insider

Riveting Danish theatre about the corrosive power of greed

22 August 2023

The Standard Short Long Drop

A captivating play about death and justice, The Standard Short Long Drop is as heartbreaking as it is gripping

22 August 2023


Laugh-a-minute solo play asks whether anger should always be contained

22 August 2023

Casting The Runes

Atmospheric ghost story melds stylish imagery and powerhouse performances

22 August 2023

When We Died

A gripping and compelling piece of theatre that deals with difficult subjects with tact and grace

22 August 2023


Rags-to-riches tale with a twist puts the bant into bantam

21 August 2023


Quick-fire fusillade of comedy insults proves a guilty, cathartic pleasure

21 August 2023