Interview: Charlotte Anne-Tilley

'There’s water gun, there’s high school musical tunes, and even some special guests'. We speak to Charlotte Anne-Tilley about new play Serious Theatre from Serious People

14 June 2024

I'll Take You To Mrs Cole!

A first class production that is beguiling and magical, teaching us not to demonise what we don’t know or understand

2 September 2019


Parallel storylines show depressing truths about the difference between real life and a fairytale

2 September 2019


A chilling true story that needs to be told

2 September 2019

Well That's Oz

A dislocating and meaningful interpretation of a classic tale

2 September 2019

The Wild Unfeeling World

Eccentric but inspiring tale of resilience has almost nothing to do with Moby Dick

2 September 2019

Nothing To Hide

A stylistically-ambitious look at the effects modern technology has on privacy sadly falters due to its scattered execution

1 September 2019