The Aboriginal Comedy Allstars are bringing a fresh perspective from the oldest culture on earth to Edinburgh this year. Kevin Kropinyeri, Steph Tisdell, and Andy Saunders each bring their own style to this thought-provoking and wildly funny show.

Kevin Kropinyeri bounds on stage full of energy and launches straight into his set. Kevin is owning his ‘stereotypical’ past as the father of eight children to three women and who has spent time locked up. 17 years ago he turned his life around and so began his journey to becoming a comedian. Kevin uses his platform to inform the audience about aboriginal culture, home life and struggles faced in a concise and joyful manner that lent itself to big laughs from all. One theme running through each of the Allstars sets in this show is the real issue of wilful ignorance at the hands of the Australian Government at all levels in providing support to the aboriginal community. Kevin taught us some essential Aboriginal slang including ‘Deadly’, which the local government used in an equal horrifyingly and hilariously wrong context.

A lack of understanding or researching on the part of the authorities in Australia is highlighted again by Steph Tisdell. Steph delves into the origins of a famous Australian’s name, which is definitely not the same as the Google Search result. She feels these mistakes are bound to happen due to Australia’s treatment of Aboriginal folk as the “family silver” to be presented to visitors then kept in a drawer gathering dust for the remainder of the year. Steph talks on issues faced by Aboriginal people with her set ranging from how tasty she finds white guilt to personal experience of living in Scotland. Throughout her set, she never fails to keep the audience laughing with every tale.

Our third and final Allstar for the show in Andy Saunders who brought a refreshing mix of impressions, beatboxing and traditional stand-up. During the rainiest couple of days of Fringe so far, Andy pondered how the UK can really claim to have a summer with a superb impression of how the sun behaves in our different hemispheres. Andy touches upon his family life with the deft humour that can only come from a place of love and pride.

Kevin, Steph and Andy are truly Aboriginal Comedy Allstars and the show they deliver is without a doubt, ‘deadly’.