In many ways, Cosey Fanni Tutti shares so much with the electronic sound pioneer Delia Derbyshire: both have often been overlooked, both have created music that’s not always associated with women.

So now seems like the perfect time to redress this. From the elegiac opening track Cornet Lament to playful, bubbling sonic soup on Psychedelic Projections, Fanni Tutti embraces the experimental and capricious nature of Derbyshire’s most exciting sounds.

Delia Tones and Brainwaves & Clogs seem ghostly, reverberating with corridors just waiting to be filled with tape loops, and yet the results are very much rooted in the here and now. Derbyshire would be proud of this, were she not so humble. Her spirit is in every corner, every clang, vocal sigh and hypnotic drone.

With her accompanying book, Re Sisters, tracing the history of female electronic artists, a reappraisal of both Derbyshire and Fanni Tutti really seems to be capturing the zeitgeist, as artists like Shygirl, Yazzus and Jamz Supernova are accepted, rising up from the underground club scene to mainstream approval. This album shows the throughline of creativity, without skimping on more challenging or esoteric tracks.