Comedic duo Goose – writer and performer Adam Drake and co-writer Ben Rowse – return to the Fringe with a more sedate outing than they’ve performed in recent years. Ctrl+T features the duo’s familiar brand of absurd sketch comedy, quickfire skits and audience participation, but fail to capture the imagination of the crowd quite like previous outings.

The narrative thread of the show involves trying to get an unknown performer seemingly plucked at random from the Fringe booklet to come to the stage for the show’s big finale. While Rowse tries to contact the unknown comedian from behind the scenes, we are treated to a game show involving audience members and some silly bits which showcase Drake’s frenetic physicality. We also have musical accompaniment from Gabriel Chernick, who seems to be having the time of his life watching the show unfold from his keyboard at the back of the stage. Sometimes it feels like the trio are having much more fun than the audience and some of the jokes fall flat (at the top of the show Drake states that their original flyerers were fired for bringing in a geriatric audience but perhaps it’s not the audience but the gags that are the issue?)

As the show ramps up there are a lot of questions that need answered. Will the mystery performer arrive on time? Will the scores in the game show have a secret significance? Will there be a surprise cameo? Will the audience laugh more than the performers? Well, for those answers you’ll just have to watch the show for yourself. If you’re new to Goose know you’re not seeing them at their finest but it’s still an enjoyable way to pass an hour.