Anyone who uses social media applications such as Instagram will be familiar with the #eatclean and #thinspo type hashtags which have flooded the world of health and wellbeing in recent years. It is impossible to open a magazine without seeing the latest healthy chef plastered across the pages or do a search on YouTube and not be confronted with another HIIT workout or lean recipe. A lot of it is sound advice, getting people off the couch and out of the fast food restaurants with home workouts for the masses and recipes that anyone can cook. But when this clean eating becomes an obsession it can cause mental health issues which risk the lives of many who become addicted to a way of life which promotes wellness and causes the opposite.

One such victim to this #cleaneating lifestyle is Daniella Isaacs, who having battled her demons is now using her fight to educate and entertain people with her one-woman show, Hear Me Raw.

For those looking for a comedy this is anything but; it is a serious, upsetting and insightful look at the problems which can occur when a little bit of healthy eating takes over your life and before you know it you are buying overpriced matcha powders and ordering lentils on date night. This was reality for Isaacs and she tells an engaging story of her struggle and how she bought into the myths surrounding the phenomenon. Having suffered years of anxiety she felt it was bringing control to her life and warding off illness but anything taken to these obsessive levels will ultimately cause more harm than good and eventually Isaacs had to learn to let go.

Her family and friends gave her new ideas of wellness and enjoyment which she uses to create a different kind of smoothie at the end of the show before taking her bow not just for a thoroughly compelling show but for what she has overcome. Anyone who has looked up #cleaneating or encountered orthorexia will do well to check this out.