The tagline to Laura Lexx’s second solo show – Tyrannosaurus Lexx – might conjure up an image of an outdated, prehistoric comedian clinging to the set-pieces of yesteryear, or else a behemoth of an individual with tiny arms. After exploding barefoot onto the stage, it’s clear Lexx fits neither of these descriptions (well, her arms aren’t the longest but they’re perfectly in proportion to the rest of her pint-sized figure, thank you very much).

It soon becomes obvious that the title is nothing more than a throwaway pun, and though there will be plenty more where that came from throughout the show, there will also follow an avalanche of clever quips, shrewd observations and more heartfelt, down-to-earth honesty than you could expect from an hour of comedy. Lexx has a vivacious, infectious personality which makes you instantly like her and relate to her everyday struggles, whether they be commonplace (vacuum cleaners) or controversial (chauvinistic hecklers).

She spends most of the set musing on the nature of marriage, feminism and the need to feel adequate in comparison to her peers, and while some of the themes might not be universal to everyone in the audience, there are enough quality one-liners in there to keep all amused. Perhaps even more effective than her jokes, however, is her winning manner; it’s simply not possible to sit through her show without wanting to befriend her.

Though the show dips into darker subject matter occasionally (disillusionment with her career, frustration at the inherent sexism in society, the continual struggle for identity and validity), Lexx manages to navigate such choppy waters with effervescent exuberance, preventing it from ever becoming overly sentimental or soppy. As a result, she successfully combines the comedy with real heart – a sure-fire sign of a Fringe success.

Though Lexx went viral last year (250,000 YouTube views) after an altercation with a sexist audience member, her popularity sprang from all the wrong reasons. Go and see her for the right ones – her superb material, brilliant delivery and irresistible personality. At £5 a ticket, it’s an absolute steal and much more entertaining than many more expensive shows around town.