Two-time Scottish Comedian of the Year and co-host of the popular Some Laugh podcast Marc Jennings delivers another strong hour of comedy with Away From Here, his most personal and poignant show to date.

The stand-up may have been suffering from the traditional mid-run Fringe lurgy but still managed to have the audience in fits with his relatable anecdotes about living at home in your 30s, meditation, and lockdown weight gain. A narrative about some health issues and ensuing tests leads into the second act, a story of profound personal loss.

Cynics may argue that bringing a tragic death into the narrative is a ploy to garner sympathy and awards buzz, and Jennings has been around long enough to know the script. He’s not mining fresh trauma but choosing to share something that will be all too familiar, particularly given the past few years of personal and collective grief.

Despite the emotional gut punch, there’s still lots to laugh at, with as many gags in the show’s second half. You may not think bereavement is a hotbed of humour, but finding moments of laughter in the darkest times is how we survive. And while many of us would still be struggling to process our grief a little over two years on, Jennings has written an eloquent and memorable hour of comedy that may even bring a tear to your eye.

The standup has an unfussy and assured delivery and manages to overcome a series of hiccups, from a dodgy air-con unit to audience members determined to chat throughout the set. The Fringe often feels like the festival where manners go to die, and unfortunately, the largely Scottish crowd did not cover themselves in glory. 

Away From Here is whip-smart, with great callbacks and stories you’ll repeat to friends for weeks to come. This is not a tragic tale but one full of humour and heart that makes you want to hold your loved ones tighter. It’s also a show about our impact on the world and the legacy we leave behind. It’s safe to say that with a packed room every day, Jennings is certainly leaving his mark on the festival and will do for years to come.

Marc Jennings: Away From Here‘ runs until 27 Aug 2023 at Monkey Barrel (The Tron) at 17.50 (not 16 Aug)

Image credit: Andrew Jackson/@CurseTheseEyes