Live Music Now Scotland is a great initiative, aimed at both taking good music to many parts of Scotland and encouraging young musicians by giving them concerts at the start of their career. Each year, they put on a series of concerts on a Tuesday morning at the Usher Hall, to showcase Emerging Artists. Today, it is the turn of a fine young guitarist Marco Ramelli, who was trained at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and is now making a name for himself across Europe.

His concert, to well-filled choir stalls in the Usher Hall, features a wide range of composers—from Tárrega to Paganini—and includes one of his own compositions, which was written specially for Live Music Now. There is no doubting his considerable skills as a guitarist, his delicate picking and strumming provides lots of melody and colour. However, the guitar is often very quiet and perhaps needs amplification. Although this does alter the sound, it may still have been worth doing, as several of the passages are difficult to hear.

Although there are a number of interruptions throughout the concert, Marco Ramelli demonstrates his mastery of the guitar, and there is no doubt we will hear much more of this young musician in the future.