The cheeky comedian from the slightly down under of South London is back at Edinburgh Fringe with a set that goes beyond just jokes. Expect to be surprised, applaud, and sing along.

Sikisa, AKA Twix, is a woman of unparalleled confidence. This is not hyperbole: she mistakes a man ghosting her after a few months of dating for being actually dead. Why else would he not respond to her texts? This assuredness carries through the set. Her bold interactions with the audience never come across as distasteful; we’re eager to go along. She takes us on a journey of receiving a diagnosis of being dyslexic as an adult, with pit stops at synonyms, emo-ness, childhood lies, burlesque, and sex parties.

A couple of her takes aren’t the freshest, but her delivery evokes laughs anyway. She also recovers well from a few fumbles. Her excitement is palpable in the way she carries herself on stage as well as her voice and pace. Though a bit of breathing space between a punchline and the following set-up would give the audience time to process the joke and not lose their place within the content. Still, we are more than happy to let this pass when her stories of being an internationally award-winning burlesque dancer are presented to us with proof at the end: she rips off her outfit to reveal a sparkly one underneath and dances to Beyoncé, as the audience whistles, claps and hoots in time.

Proving that comedy doesn’t come in just one form, Sikisa’s exciting conversational tone is sure to win audiences over at the Fringe.

‘Hear Me Out’ runs until Sun 27 Aug 2023 at Monkey Barrel 4 at 19.50