Danish–British comedian Sofie Hagen is back at the Fringe with a banging set (we apologise for the wordplay, Sofie, we know we’re better than that).

The content of stand-up sets is usually a matter of secret so as not to spoil any jokes for the audience. Hagen turns this concept on its head by immediately showing us, on a comically large notepad, a list of what they will discuss in the hour. They go on a whistle-stop tour through seemingly disconnected topics – relationship and sexual trauma, wanting to eat hot pizza by oneself in Italy, accidentally hiring a sex worker, and celebrity gossip – to arrive at the crux of the show: that Hagen would make for a great dictator, or ‘banglord’.

Instead of alienating the audience, Hagen’s self-professed superiority is made charming due to a combination of their assured stage presence and the not-so-wise but understandable decisions they’ve made in the past. They tease the audience with breadcrumbs of who the unnamed celebrities in their scandalous stories might be, leaving us frantically searching in the vast sea of possibilities even after the show ends. The printed graphics, à la oil paintings, are a great touch and emphasise the absurdity of Hagen’s plans and dreams. We say ‘absurd’, but we end the show by willingly chanting our acceptance of Hagen as our supreme leader. With their quick wit, control and fascinating show structure, Hagen’s got us eating out of their hands, and they love it.

Forget the history books, political learnings and common sense. Who’s to really say Hagen isn’t the answer to take us out of the sham of a democracy we live in, to a brighter, safer future? Now, raise your hands and welcome Hagen into your hearts too as our benevolent banglord.

‘Banglord’ runs until Sun 27 Aug 2023 at Monkey Barrel 3 at 14:50