Introduced to the world in the form of a comic strip way back in 1938, The Addams Family have been very much a household name not only in the states but internationally too for decades. Having evolved into TV shows, movies and, yes, theatre productions over the years, this oddball family refuse to disappear from the public eye. With the 2017 stage production, this year’s incoming animation movie, as well as another Addams Family stage show at this year’s Fringe, it is easy to say that Bare Productions made a risky decision when they chose to bring their own adaptation to Edinburgh. Luckily, this production of The Addams Family is the freshest thing coming out of Grandmama’s kitchen.

The level of quality is clear from the get go. Kicked off with a musical number, we are introduced to the family, as well as swung a curveball many will not be expecting: Wednesday Addams is in love. Her taste for darkness, death and torture behind her, it seems that she is actually normal. The next two hours revolve around a dinner between the Addams family and the ordinary family of Wednesday’s love interest: a clash of cultures if there ever was one. Placing both families on stage together allows the production to stay true to the original product whilst also spreading the message of “change (or, different) is good.”

The show isn’t entirely perfect, of course. Although every character gets their time to shine, it becomes clear that there are some characters who have been given less attention than deserved – most notably Grandmama and Pugsley Addams. Their time in the spotlight is dimmed somewhat by the lack of creativity in their character development. Still, these minor bumps in the performance fail to sink this fantastic show.

The Addams Family is a terrific stage show that brings everything to the table. With wonderful choreography, music, and acting from all, it is a show to be remembered.