Rajan Sharma creates an epic tale that relaxes you into the waters of human history and charts a course right to the present day. He maintains the tone and words and voice of the great legends throughout. This includes everything from the Big Bang to a modern day man standing on an underground platform are all threads in the same unbroken fabric.

Water is life and this tale begins with ancient rivers, the Tigris, the Ganges, the Nile, with sailors on once distant shores and their mythical journey. From Jason and the Argonauts to his personal journey on modern day Tall Ships, Rajan paints for us the endless stars, the crashing waves and the safety of port. With a timeless style of story telling that would be as much at home by a cozy fire as in a crowded tavern, he will transport you.

The set and props for The Mariner’s Song are simple, a step and large rectangle of fabric, which works together with his simple attire to let the scene be no particular point in time. The fabric serves as sails and hammocks and wares well, however there are moments when trying to set it up that cause awkward pauses and break the otherwise excellent rhythm of the piece.

Rajan takes for the most part the role of the narrator, the prose draws you in and paints fantastic scenes in your mind. However, there are certainly moments where the description goes on a little too long and it is hard to remember when the scene is set or it is unclear quite which character he has taken on.

Rajan draws on his own experience on The Tall Ships, his family history of emigration and his love of the classic to create a new epic for the modern day. This piece has the feel of a gentle boat ride, and you relax as the spectacular imagery washes over you.