This Fringe stalwart is back proclaiming to hate children, even more.

But do your kids want to be insulted for the price of fame and fortune? They too can get the payoff of being social media stars if they so desire. Would you like to laugh at them, not with them, in a gratifying ‘serves you right kid’ kind of a way? Sit back, put your feet up, take a sip of the complimentary refreshment offered on arrival and enjoy this ride. From cute kids to awkward teens, everyone plays their part.

Paul Nathan is a man who knows how to pitch his comedy to two audiences at the same time and does it with the same sleight of hand deployed to perform his tricks. The magic is far too clever for young minds (and adults) to fathom. Combing this with his wry sarcasm is something he does deftly. Parents adore him. This has absolutely nothing (repeat – nothing) to do with the free Prosecco. And young folk seem to love his acerbic wit. Never really cruel and always sensitively handled (just!).

The ongoing subtle background of the moody guitar strumming of rock classics from cool sidekick Danny adds to this show’s momentum, and again greatly pleases the older members of the audience. Card tricks, rope tricks and mind bending psychic skills are a-plenty. If you like comic superheroes you are in for a bonus section. Every child ‘participates’.

Ad libs are fired out randomly, as Paul continually works the whole room. We chuckled throughout and left with a shared feel-good factor. Even if your kids had received a gentle ribbing, they made a beeline for the merchandise at the end. Good banter. Magic was ace.  Not cruel enough some parents might add…..

Even if he hates children, it’s certainly not reciprocated!