Enter a world of caverns and creatures (or something else not copyrighted) and embark on a fantastical adventure in the Twenty-Sided Tavern. The lively and engaging cast take on different roles, explore uncharted lands and meet a diverse host of NPCs (non player characters). However, the audience too will play their part, using the well integrated web-based software.

This is no ordinary role-playing game session, there are superb acting, slick graphics, terrible NPC names (that is actually quite standard) quick comedy and best of all you don’t have to stop halfway through then try to find a time you can all meet up to finish it! A careful balance with interactive games, voting and online tasks putting audience in the action but still maintaining control.

The use of the projector was almost seamlessly done, allowing the whole audience to see individual roles and track the characters and challenges. The few moments of signal loss on some videos were quickly dealt with and caused no real issues. However, when getting an audience member to read out a piece for those sitting more than a few seats away it was difficult to understand what was being said – a microphone for them or displaying the text on the screen would have made for a much better experience.

Although care is taken to explain (and demonstrate) the basic rules and roles this is definitely a show that is better suited to more experienced role players who will keenly appreciate all the in-jokes and acronyms. Which is not to say that the cast with their infectious enthusiasm and over the top capers won’t get even the least adventurous audience member involved if they can.

With both a Games Master (David Andrew Greener Laws – DAGL) and a Tavern Keeper (Sarah Davis Reynolds) to keep the story moving and under control the show keeps up the pace and keeps the audience engaged. The balance of audience participation and suggestion, with the progression of the story is spot on and the show feels both very satisfying while being such fun you would happily stay for twice as long. The website works well, though I recommend joining the free public WiFi before the show to fully appreciate it as the signal is not great. There is the right balance of silliness and storytelling and the cast of adventurers mesh with comic timing and outrageous humour.

A brilliant show for people who play or are interested in tabletop role playing games, with energy and adventure to lift your spirits and take you away for an hour of sometimes rather silly, often very funny and thoroughly enjoyable adventure!