As the audience enters the Big Belly room within the Underbelly Cowgate they are presented with four female performers who are centre stage and sat on chairs. The performers are upright, uptight and they are lit in a dim and dramatic light. The stage lights abruptly go up and the performers begin to talk and move in unison. Their actions and words are short and sharp and their mannerism are robotic and impersonal. There are prolonged periods of silence when the movement stops and the performer gaze into nothingness, only to snap back into life and continue with the tightly choreographed sequence. This Really is Too Much begins with conformity and veers into expressive and manic absurdity. Dance, spoken word, physical theatre, humour and props are all employed to present a dark and radical look at modern society from a female perspective.

This Really is Too Much is an exciting and kinetic blend of genre’s and techniques from Gracefool Collective. From the initial dance sequence the audience is taken on a journey through consumerism, employment and politics. Each section of the show is presented in a new style and new energy. The performers express themselves with an exhausting vigour that never feels tired or lacking in passion. They command the stage with energy and style and constantly look to innovate. Chairs are used in inventive ways to get to one side of the stage to the other and lighting and audio is employed to underline the important and expressive themes of the show.

This Really is Too Much is part of the Underbelly Untapped group of shows. This season includes three pieces of new writing that have been selected by the Underbelly to be developed and presented at The Edinburgh Fringe. The companies receive mentorship and assistance in developing and promoting their work. With This Really is Too Much the Underbelly have made a brilliant choice and Gracefool Collective have presented an entertaining and provocative show, with it’s own unique and engaging style.