Have you ever wondered what Lord Voldemort would have been like as a moody teenager who couldn’t talk to girls? Voldemort and the Teenage Hogwarts Musical Parody aims to answer just that burning question, with a musical adventure set in Hogwarts back in 1942.

The show starts strong, with an opening number that makes it clear there is no shortage of vocal talent. The songs are excellent throughout: from heart-warming to hilarious, the impressive range of styles is perfectly executed by a clearly talented cast.

The plot is inventive, and hangs together about as well as a parody needs to, with some funny if not subtle foreshadowing and plot twists. The character of Dumbledore is especially playful, and draws the most laughs from a delighted audience. The show is probably best enjoyed by someone with a vague knowledge of the Harry Potter universe, but this is so ubiquitous that most people will have encountered enough of the basics to understand any in-jokes – there’s no need to have actually read any of the books.

Any form of Harry Potter parody is likely to raise audience expectations, and especially in this case coming from the co-creators of the sell-out parody of Game of Thrones, Thrones! The Musical. It soon becomes clear that the songs are the best thing about this show, as neither the characters or plot line offer much in the way of depth.

Still, the performers are clear professionals who don’t bat an eyelid at minor set malfunctions, and they have fun with the more ridiculous aspects of the plot. This playfulness is perfectly suited to a parody, and makes for an amusing, light-hearted hour.