If we were to write a play based on the things that we think about when we have sex (it totally happens all the time and you can’t prove otherwise!), there’s a good chance we would be arrested. Thankfully, the characters in this comedy play have less er… niche tastes than us. This comedic play charts the inner monologues of our two leads as they go at it hammer and tongs on a one night stand.

We hear the insecurities and fantasies that pass through the two leads’ minds, as they also receive sex tips from a series of characters from pop culture who happen to pop into their heads. During this, the actual sex is being played out in shadow puppetry by two other actors behind a screen, which is a clever device that delivers some great moments of physical comedy. Obviously we were desperate to be on the other side of said screen, but given our experience of imagining pornography, we were still able to greatly enjoy their shenanigans, and in any event, these were the sexiest shadows we’ve seen since that big muscly bloke from Gladiators.

The script is very funny, with a great line in frivolous filth, and the two leads are extremely likeable, with a real natural chemistry together. The supporting cast who play the varying imagined purveyors of sex tips (where were they when WE needed them?) all perform well, providing further insight into the thoughts and feelings of the lead characters.

The sound design utilises jazz to underpin the nature of what sex “should” be; free form and with feeling. It’s used to show virginal Isaac’s worries that his lack of experience will adversely affect his “natural rhythm”, which is a problem we understand all too well.

It’s an enjoyable hour, with some serious stuff peppered in amongst the jokes about pussy wigs and banana fellatio. There are also a lot of attractive people in varying states of undress, which will always get a big thumbs up from us.

Was it good for us? We’ve certainly paid more to get less…