(Sergeant House, released Fri 20 Oct)

And So I Watch You From Afar gained their reputation from their blistering live shows. Capturing their intense and passionate energy on record has always been a difficult task and with new album The Endless Shimmering the Belfast band are back to prove they can be just as sensational and dynamic on record as they are in a live setting. The Endless Shimmering is ASIWYFA’s fifth record and the follow up to the acclaimed Heirs.

The record kicks off in an explosive and powerful style with the track Three Triangles. The track builds and builds to finally present the bands distinctive grungy post-rock sound. This  track is followed by lead single A Slow Unfolding of Wings. When discussing the album Bass player Johnathan Adger states that “We laid everything bare and put everything we had into the songs,” this statement definitely rings true for the  opening two tracks.

The music the Northern Irish band make is brutal, powerful and infused with raw emotion and heart. ASIWYFA feel more than just your average instrumental post rock band. The Endless Shimmering is the kind of record that should be played at maximum volume. Even the more contemplative tracks such as Dying Giants invite the listener to immersive themselves in the soundscapes and to allow the epic nature of the music take them on a journey. The record ends on a high point with final track Chrysalism drawing the album to a close in a grand style. With only nine tracks The Endless Shimmering still feels like a satisfying and complete record that captures the raw emotion of an exciting band that never fails to entertain and evoke powerful emotions within the listener.