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Charlotte Hathaway


Charlotte is an arts freelancer based in Glasgow. She produces live shows and youth projects working with traditional musicians and artists across disciplines, and also manages a new record label, Unroofed Records.

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If I Had A Girl…

A powerful portrayal of the often unheard stories of honour-based violence and domestic abuse that take can place in Scottish Asian marriages.


Interview: Rosie Holt

Comedian and writer Rosie Holt, winner of The Sitcom Trails 2013, tells us about making a comedy name for yourself at the Fringe.

Fever Dream: Southside

Some hilarious moments and witty local observations, brought together by an energetic cast and excellent live musicians, but it fails to resolve in a meaningful way.


Preview: TradFest

With a tagline of ‘Traditional Culture. Live’, TradFest is another jewel in the Edinburgh festivals crown, crossing artform barriers and bringing an eclectic array of events under one banner.

Tron Theatre

Last Dream (On Earth)

A masterpiece in live score, sound design and story exploring the theme of setting off into the dangerous unknown.

The Absence of War

A beautifully staged and seamlessly performed revival of David Hare’s 1993 classic, timely in the run-up to the General Election