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Rebecca Parker


Rebecca is a writer and proofreader from Greater Manchester, now based on the Fife coast. She reads a lot of travelogues and spends much of her time chronicling her own exploration of Scotland and beyond.

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Scottish Storytelling Centre

Loud Poets

Reliably excellent performance poetry from the talented Loud Poets.

Bedlam Theatre

Infinity Pool

A surprising and brilliant multimedia retelling of Flaubert’s classic novel, Madame Bovary.

Underbelly Cowgate

Grimm: An Untold Tale

A fascinating insight into the creation of a beloved book, and the women who made it what it was.

Underbelly Cowgate

Rhymes with Orange

Casually witty, self-deprecating at times, charmingly egotistic at others, and thoroughly Millennial.

Assembly Hall

Finding Joy

Acutely observed and pitch perfect at every turn, there’s a kind of magic at work in Finding Joy.

Living Like a Moth

A commendably entertaining production of a play that wants to be clever but plateaus at contrived – and features no moths.


A rousing and refreshing performance of Bizet’s classic opera, featuring high passions, betrayals, and frills.